A Few Do’s and Don’t’s of Working With Recruiters

Job candidates turn to recruiters because they are looking for some help and direction in their careers, and this is a great first step for them to take. It’s important to note, however, that there are both right ways and wrong ways to work with a Packaging Recruiter. Read on to find out about a few of the do’s and don’t’s of working with recruiters to find Flexible Packaging jobs and careers below.

Do Be Honest

It may seem like a good idea to exaggerate relevant experience or qualifications, but the reality is that this decision will come back to haunt readers eventually. Recruiters need accurate information in order to place candidates in the most appropriate possible positions.

Don’t Just Disappear

If a recruiter comes up with a job position and it doesn’t sound like a good fit, don’t just ignore it. Readers should always let the recruiter know that they aren’t interested so that their recruiters will be willing to continue working with them in the future.

Do Ask Questions

The best way to find out about anything from the qualifications required for an open position to the recruiter’s level of expertise and experience is to ask. Just be sure to maintain an appropriate level of professionalism.

Don’t Go Around Recruiters

The easiest way to get blacklisted by a recruitment firm is to attempt to go around recruiters to get to their client companies. Doing this can also wind up costing job applicants potential jobs, as hiring managers who are placed in the middle in this way often wind up simply removing those candidates who choose this approach from consideration.

Do Follow Up

If a recruiter offers information about an open position, follow up on it. He or she will be able to offer valuable advice and insight into how applicants can best increase their chances of landing the job.

Don’t Pester Recruiters

While following up on leads is definitely a good thing, pestering recruiters every day for information is not. It’s fine for job candidates to follow up once or even twice a week, but calling multiple times a day will only make them appear desperate.


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